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Can I get a grant for my business? (No replies)

1 year ago
admin 1 year ago

It’s a common question. Unfortunately, this is very difficult and grants are quite scarce. You can check with your local counsel; however they don’t typically have any budget for that. The only current exception is the Enterprise Allowance Grant which comes through your local job centre. If you are on the dole you can get an extra allowance from joining this scheme for up to 6 months.

Below is a link to most of the grants available at the moment across the UK. Be warned, they are a lot of work to apply for and generally they require matched funding. . Though we are not sure if that is still running. You could also try

That failing you can get a personal loan of up to 25k. Up to 4 people can apply for a maximum of 100k per company. Find out more at

If you know of any others please post it here as it will really help your fellow members.

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