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Messages FAQ’s

Can everyone send/recieve messages?

No, only full (paid) members have access to messaging

Why does clicking on the name of the sender bring me to their profile?

The system is designed that way so that you have an option to check out the profile of the sender before you reply. 

Can I see an inbox/outbox?

All of the messages are in one place for you. This is not an email system.

How do I add recipients to my message?

Just above the message box you will see a large + just click on this and a new bar will appear. Start typing the name of the person you want to send a message to and then click on it when it appears.

Why is a member is not recieving my messages?

There are two posible reasons for this. Firstly, they are not a paid member and therefore cannot see the messages. Secondly they may have turned off the message alerts in their account settings. In this scenario a member will have to click on their messages to see the message. We can’t control that I am afraid!

How many recipients can I add to my message?

In reality, as many as you want. Though do try and keeep it relevant to the individual.

Also, please don’t spam someone you don’t know. We do monitor email traffic and complaints from  members. That type of behaviour could get you blocked from messaging.

What is the autoresponder for?

This is a helpful message that you can create informing any senders of your current status or what ever you wish to tell people. It will appear at the top of every message you send until you turn it off.

Can I block a member from messaging me?

No you can’t block them. However if you are getting inappropriate or spam like emails please email us at web@startuprichmond.com and we will look into that for you. 

Other questions?

We have a good support section which answers additional general questions about messaging. It also covers other areas of the platform.  Just click on the link above and you’ll be taken there.