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(April 7th – July 7th 2020)

due To Covid 19 crisis

“I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the business support network Helen has created. She leads a high-performance team and delivers immense value to the business and entrepreneurial community. The events she and her team are organising are a must if you want to grow your business. If you get the chance to be part of Helen’s initiatives, take it with both hands.”

“Soraya has been nothing but short of amazing in helping me start and grow my business. Her advice, guidance and wealth of knowledge has been incredibly valuable in giving me direction and understanding how I can scale. She has also connected me to people within her network who have been extremely beneficial to me. I’m so grateful to have met Soraya and looking forward to continuing to work with her in the future.”


Online Membership Platform

Profile your business.
Message other members.
Post your offers, news, events and jobs.
Link your social media channels.
Add to your web presence.
Get known in your local community.

Online Business Training

Access 250 + hours of training, specifically designed for SME’s, curated by us. Discover the latest across sales, marketing, HR, legal, operations, IT and much more. Easy to use. Track your progress.
Comment and make training requests
Available 24/7/365

Monthly Meetups

Attend our friendly and relaxed monthly meetups  and meet local business owners. We’ll introduce you to other members so you are never on your own. These events are well attended with new people  joining daily. Our aim  is to boost the local economy by encouraging members to collaborate and work together.  

Monthly Webinars

Each month we release new topics as requested by you. Created by SME’s for SME’s they are perfect for any growing business. We cover everything you need to know about stragegy, sales and marketing, finance and funding, talent & HR, legal, operations and Technology and much more. View these webinars at anytime via our training platform.

Business Growth Clinic

This is an opportunity to have access to experts across all business areas and have a private 121 speed mentoring session to get your business challenges solved. Come along for some peer mentoring and enjoy a relaxed breakfast while chatting with other members.

Expert & Mentor Access

Talk to our carefully selected experts whom you can contact directly through our members area. Get help on your most pressing needs across all disciplines. Join our peer to peer learning sessions where you can get impatial advice from business owners just like you. 


(April 7th – July 7th 2020)

due To Covid 19 crisis


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About Us

Our passion is working with start up and growing businesses to help them realise their full potential and build the business and life they want. Our aim is to connect local business owners to encourage them to work together and boost the local economy. The more knowledgeable the business owner; the more successful the business will be.

Whether you have a business idea and would like to get started or you’re an established business; we have tonnes of great stuff to help you on your entrepreneurial journey. You’ve come to the right place.

Helen Roberts and Soraya Lavery, founders of CPG, who own StartUp Richmond, are specialists in the SME sector. They both have over 20 years experience and have helped over 30,000 people in the last 10 years through different award winning programmes which have run both nationally and internationally.

Nadav Raviv, CEO, Link Big Ltd

“The programme’s practical and easy-to-understand lessons are so inspiring that all you need to do.. is just do it! With “down to earth” attitude and “sharing is caring” vibes, the mentors share their wisdom & life lessons with you – and even get to answer all the (personal) question on the way – so this is why I’m an addict to listen to more & more!”


(April 7th – July 7th 2020)

due To Covid 19 crisis