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Join Richmond Council’s New 3 Month Covid-19 Business Support Programme

“Building Business Strength & Resilience”

Join our interactive programme of business support run by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.

It’s never been so important for us to come together to work with each other to navigate the challenges we currently face and that lie ahead. Alone we can go fast, together we can go far.

During the next 90 days (April – June 2020) we will deliver a range of business support to provide practical advice & guidance to help you navigate your business through the current uncertain times and out the other side.

This will also serve as a platform to engage local business owners and to help you connect & work with each other.

We are all facing challenges that we’ve never faced before, so we have gathered a team of experts across all aspects of business life, to share their knowledge, provide advice and guidance to help you meet the challenges facing your business. We have a team of experts across the following areas:

  • Marketing and sales

  • Finance

  • Technology

  • Health & well-being

  • Legal

  • Staffing & HR

  • Business resilience

The Programme Will Include

3 Web Summits

(Details below)

3 Online Workshops

(Details below)

One to One Strategic Business Support Sessions

Designed to work specifically on key challenges inside your business. By application only. Places limited


Priority will be give to members who:

  • Have a commercial lease / retail space

  • Have employees

  • Are in a business critical position

Free access to an online portal

With a library of over 400 training programmes available 24/7 available for FREE for the duration of the 90-day programme.




It’s more important than ever before that we come together to support each other through these unprecedented times. If we stand together, pool our resources and help each other we can get through this.

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