Faced with uncertainty we all feel stressed and trapped. It is hard to keep your natural equilibrium in times of crisis. We lose our rhythm, our habits change and it can feel difficult to focus on the areas that keep us powerful.

In this summit you will hear from specialist experts who have dedicated their lives to helping people regain their clarity focus and energy. Find out how you can build strong personal foundations that will not only help you cope but will build a new you, ready and able to face anything.

Introduction and Welcome
Helen Roberts – How To Remain Positive Through A Crisis
Penelope Cream – Relieving Stress And Building Resilience
Tracey Hanley – Boosting Your Energy And Clarity Through Nutrition

About Helen Roberts

Passionate about growing businesses, Helen has been assisting CXO level executives of both national and international SME’s to shape their business, implement growth and build lasting infrastructure. With her team Helen is also skilled in bring the best talent to her clients.
Helen followed her own passions, and built her business on that foundation. In just over twelve months after starting her business, she had made one million pounds, and then went on to grow from strength to strength. Since then, she has assisted many of the world’s leading investment banks, and other Fortune 500 companies, and has coached, mentored, trained and supported thousands of people in SME’s across the globe.

About Penelope Cream

Penelope holds dual qualifications as both a Clinical and a Health Psychologist. She has worked in the fields of the psychology of complex medical conditions, long-term health problems and health-care delivery and hospital experiences in many of London’s large teaching hospitals since 2001. Penelope has worked across the age span and in mental as well as physical health, with people of all backgrounds, and from many different cultures and ethnicities. Her interests lie in supporting people with physical health conditions and the clinical teams that care for them. Often the people she sees have multiple medical as well as psychological conditions and are balancing many different adjustments and challenges.

About Tracey Raye Hanley

Tracey is a registered Nutritional Therapist who uses her qualifications in Psychology, Philosophy and Coaching to complement her practice. She currently runs a corporate and private clinic in London where her practice centres on gut health, mood stabilisation and improvement, and women’s wellness; with a particular interest in hormonal issues. She regularly delivers corporate seminars and workshops where she breaks down the latest scientific research; offering practical advice towards achievable change, so that clients can feel empowered, not overwhelmed by their health challenges.
She is committed to the application of personalised functional nutrition to assist her clients in feeling good again. Her evidence based approach focusses on enhancing rather than restricting lifestyle. As a specialist in food psychology and ethical eating, she has helped many of her clients to navigate the world of modern eating and rediscover the joy of food once again.

Course Content