Finances are the lifeblood of any business. Cashflow is King and structuring your finances in such a way that you remain liquid is vital to the survival of any business.
Getting your finances right is not difficult. There are simple strategies that any business can implement that makes running a business much easier.  Without visibility on your finances a business cannot make sound decisions and it becomes very difficult to scale. Implementing simple techniques early on will set you up for an easier path as your business grows.
Let by Soraya Lavery from CPG, this webinar will explain what you need to know about finances and will give you simple tools and techniques that you can quickly implement in your business. Soraya will show you how to set up your finances, the key terminology and will show you how to easily set up a financial dashboard so you can see your financial position easily. She will also discuss forecasting, funding and how to manage cash flow and increasing costs.