Welcome to our Webinar “Setting Up Your Food Business For Success” Led by Soraya Lavery an expert in food businesses and a consultant in CPG.

In this webinar, Soraya goes through each step necessary to successfully start and grow your food business. Everything from registering your business to building a usable business plan and getting funding. It has been specially designed to help new businesses get going quickly and to help the newer businesses get to grips the topics they need to grow quickly.

Please let us know if there is an area that we have not covered that interests you (by leaving a comment) and we will do our best to add this topic to the training database.

About Soraya Lavery

The workshop will be facilitated by business growth expert Soraya Lavery who co-runs Richmond Foodies, StartUp Richmond & CPG Executive Consulting Ltd. Soraya has years of experience in helping thousands of young food businesses sprout and is passionate about start up success. She has years of experience in the food industry and will be on hand to answer your qustions.This is an interactive workshop giving you the information needed to plant the seeds of growth and achieve your food business success.



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