In life, change is the only real constant. As our environment and society changes, we must adapt to thrive in the new world. We have faced similar challenges in the past and have come out of them stronger and wiser. This will be no different.

Join us for a special web summit that will discuss these changes and what you can do to adapt your business model to kickstart your recovery and your way of thinking to make sure that not only do you survive, but you thrive.

Join our panel for an interactive Q&A session and discussion:

  • Susan Shaw – Richmond Council
  • Kevin Jones – Discover Twickenham
  • Akeem Famuyiwa – Fractional IP
  • Helen Roberts – Start Up Richmond
  • David Kennedy – Zsah Technologies
  • Pushpraj Adhage – eSlot
  • Brian Humphries – Food Safety Assist
  • Celia Rizothanasi – Queen Bee Of LinkedIn
  • Letitia Seglah – Black Star Gold
  • Alex Shlagman – Save The
  • Duncan Ross –
  • Catherine Qian –

Join the discussion: See what is happening to kick start business in Richmond.

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