It can be argued that a Funding Strategy is as important as a Business Plan to a company when looking to raise growth finance.

Given the plethora of funding options available to a company at this moment in time, it is important that a company reflects on a number of key matters and answers a series of key questions including:


  1. Why is this the right time to fund raise? What is the opportunity for growth that you will present?

  2. What is the optimum amount of finance to raise at this time, given where the business is in the company life cycle?

  3. What is the best form of such finance to raise, i.e. equity or debt or a combination of both?

  4. What could be the best sources of such finance for the business at this time, i.e. smart monies through individuals or a Fund if raising equity?

  5. When is such finance required and when should such contacts be approached?

The importance of a well drafted and succinct Funding Strategy is not only for a company to home their efforts, but to also save time and monies when raising such finance. Investors will also be suitably impressed by such an approach and how prepared you are as a company.

We will demystify the financial terminology used and will ensure that you get a handle on the current funding landscape. We will show you how to create your own funding strategy and how to get the most out of it.

Who is this for?

This webinar is designed for all SME’s who need help accessing funding.

About Martin Carruthers from Grant Thornton

Martin has 15+ years experience in Business growth, access to funding and business advice.
Having worked with start-up and growth companies across a range of sectors from technology to services. martin has management of hundreds of portfolio companies and understanding of the pitfalls faced by entrepreneurs and growing businesses today.


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