Are you a UK business interested in expanding to new markets? Or,
Are you interested in importing new products, raw materials or food ingredients into the UK market?
Are you importing/exporting intangible services and need to get a better grip on the rules?
Import and Export is one of the oldest industries in the world, yet one of the most complex to navigate. With over 195 countries currently in the world and each one with their own set of rules, not to mention the different trade agreements that span the globe, it’s not surprising that people are confused.

The import/export business is heating up and with massive new trade deals looming. Emerging markets are opening up to international trade and there is an increased demand in the service industry. All of this leads to an explosion of international markets. Opportunities for UK traders are opening up and in the current economic and political climate there are very good reasons to look outside the UK domestic market.

Led by Alan Rides, an expert in import/export and in conversation with Soraya Lavery, this webinar will focus on the “need to know” information to get moving in this area. He will discuss customs, duties, and the things you need to think about when getting going. He will also give case study examples showing you how people have overcome some of the challenges in import and export. He will also discuss how to enter a new market and discuss the most important areas to consider.

Whether you are a Start-up or an existing business interested in expanding operations, this informative webinar will help you reach your goals.

About Alan Rides

Alan is an expert in international trade and has years of helping SME businesses develop and implement a strategy for Export.

Recently, Alan  recently won an award from Enterprising Britain Awards BY BEIS, for “Supporting For Export”.

Alan also assists MSB’s and SME’s in key export markets of North Africa, Persian Gulf regions helping with compliance / market entry / finding partners / accepting payments. As a long standing board member of British Exporters Association (BExA) and being a director of BICC Alan has a unique insight into these markets.


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