You are invited to this FREE webinar where you will learn how corporate social can be used in your business to help with your branding and most importantly, how you can impact your community to make a better world.
What is involved in social responsibility
Why every business should have a CSR programme
Why social responsibility is a perfect strategy for SME’s
and so much more….
Led by Victoria Hartley of Hartley Consulting, this webinar gives you an excellent grounding in the whys and hows of CSR. Learn how it began, its effect today and how you can get involved to make a difference in the most meaningful way to you. Victoria runs through real life examples and shows the impact of CSR. She details how any SME can get involved and use this channel to market their business and improve the lives of others.
This webinar is for any business in the start up and SME community who understands that we hold the power when it comes to social responsibility. And that all organisations big and small can really effect change.
This is a must attend event for anyone interested in expanding their marketing to include social responsibility; and who wants to give back to their community.
About Victoria Hartley
With more than 15 years in-house and consultancy experience, Victoria has worked with a wide range of organisations across a number of sectors, including Harlequin FC, National Grid, BUPA Foundation, BMW, Vodafone Foundation. Her core areas of expertise: are strategy, partnerships and programme development, big ideas / flagships, stakeholder engagement, impact measurement & evaluation, communication and narrative, corporate foundations, sport for social change, mental health.


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