Financial security comes from financial knowledge and an ability to use those number to secure funding and sales for growth. By gaining a simple understanding of your numbers it is easy to build a model that will attract investors and will help you to acquire funding for growth.

Led by David Truscott, this workshop you will learn how to accurately determine your future numbers and how to build a plan that ensures cash continues to flow into your business. You will also learn what information funders are looking for and how you can show them that funding your business is a great investment.

  • learn how to identify new areas of cashflow and understand how to better manage the cashflow you already have.
  • You will also get an insight into how to rethink your numbers and make sure that you are still marketing and generating sales, regardless of the business environment.
  • You will also learn where to streamline your operations to ensure you are spending on critical components of your business.

This workshop is for all business owners who wants to get the most out of their finances and to continue to grow their business, regardless of the circumstances.

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