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Email Support

Please make sure your check the Platform FAQ’s (below) first before sending us an email.

Contacting us for technical support is easy. just send us a quick email at web@startuprichmond.com and we’ll be back to you as soon as possible.

We aim to answer all queries within 24 hours during Monday to Friday.

Have a suggestion?

We are always looking to improve the platform and would love to hear from you with your ideas or if you spot a bug. We are adding functionality to the platform all the time and those features are largely based around your ideas. Keep them coming. email them to web@startuprichmond.com

Telephone Support


If you are calling about a problem you are having with your business, then the number to call is 0208 133 2954 and one of our consultants will be happy to help you.

Platform FAQ’s

Please make sure you read through these before contacting us. We will add to this FAQ to keeep it up to date. 


Who can see my profile?

Everyone can see all your basic information such as job title, company etc. They cannot see your email address or telephone number. 

If you look at your profile settings. Everything in the first tab that you complete will be visible in your profile. Do your best to keep this up to date and to fill in as much information as possible. It will encourage more people to get in touch with you.

Why do I see blank spaces in my profile?

It is likely that these are items that you have not filled in. Just head over to edit profile and fill in the blanks and then those blank spaces should disappear.

Can I simply paste my profile information over from LinkedIn?

Absolutely. That is certainly the fastest way to fill in your profile. 

Can I include my social media links in my profile?

Yes you can. Navigate to edit profile and the second tab accross has a section for your social media links. Just paste in your urls for the icons you want to show. Then when people look at your profile, they can see the icons under your profile picture.

Please note: If you haven’t included your social media url’s in your edit profile, then no buttons will show in yoour profile.

Can I pin a particular post to the top of my profile?

Yes you can. You will seee a small spanner icon on the top right of your post. Just click on it and hey presto, your post will stick to the top. Use the same option to unstick it.

Why can't I see the message me button?

If you are a basic member (non paying) then this feature is not available to you. To fix this all you have to do is upgrade and then you can message away to your hearts content. 


What am I allowed to post?

Anything reasonable that takes your fancy. Company/personal news, events, new product lauches, items of news, items in the news, quotes etc. You can also share photos, tell us about your blog posts, any intersting articles you read. You can post toutube videos and really anything else you think will be of interest to your fellow members. 

Please note: We will not accept comments or posts that are defamatory, racist, sexual or any post/comment seen as bullying/enciting hate.

We do monitor the posts and will block anyone who breaks the rules. We know you are all good people though and we won;t have to do that right? 😉 

Can I post events / networking I am running?

Sure. No problem at all. This is a community platform. Please make sure you tell everyone about your events. We want this platform to be an inclusive as possible. 

Will everyone see my posts?

By default everyone who is a member of the platform (basic and paid) are send an email alert that posts have been created. This currently happens once a day. They have the choice to logon and see what has been posted. 

Of course anyone logged into the platform can see your posts and can scroll down the timeline.

Who can I share my posts with?

You have a choice. Unless you are saying something private we really recommend that you post to all members. That is the default option.

To chose, in either your profile page or in the home page, there is an area to post. Just above that and to the right there is a drop down menu where you can chose who to post to. 

If you chose select members, a new bar will appear and you just start typing the name of the person or people you want to include. Then write your post and click send.

Can I tag other users in my posts?

Yes you can. All you have to do is add the @… then replace the … by typing the name of the person you want to include in your post. That’s it, simple!

Can everyone message everyone?

No. Those who are on the free or basic membership cannot message you. The button to message is not visable for them. However, anyone on a paid membership can contact anyone. Basic members will get an email alert that you got in touch, but cannot reply to you on the message system.

Can I auto post to other platforms?

This is something our developers are working on. Facebook first and then Twitter. We are hoping to add more social network sites to this functionality as we go. 


Who is in the directory?

Everyone who is part of the platform, paid and basic.

Why do some of the profiles look blank?

This is down to the amount that each individual member has filled in. We are not in control of that, however will be doing our best to encourage people to be more proactive in this area. 

How does the search work?

There is a quick search bar at the top of the directory. just type in a name, job title industry name or whatever you like and the results will come up. 

There is an advanced search that you can use to narrow your results down. Please note that the search can only filter for the information people have put in. For instance, if you search for “Accountant” only those with accountant in their profile will turn up. 

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