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Good Morning.
I set up Media Wisdom Photography with my husband, Giles, back in 2020. We specialise in photography for the restaurant, hotel and bar industries, along with business to business. We have a studio in Sunbury, as well as working out on location – all was going well until we literally lost all our work, and both incomes overnight as we went into lockdown.
Sadly, some of our clients announced that they weren’t going to pay February’s invoices, and would look at them again in 3 – 4 months time. Feeling a bit buggered by this – but seeing it as a BIG learning curve, as we find ourselves supporting the big high street brands – still feeling buggered though.
Seeing this as the perfect time to learn – new skills, new ways to adapt and come back fighting, new ways to look after ourselves and be healthier and more positive.
Looking forward to the events on here, and connecting and learning from you all – no pressure.